Pull Up A Stump... It's Story Time!

People always wondered what the future was going to look like.

By now, some figured they'd be packing their bags for a trip to the nearest space colony, or at least have their own personal robot servants scooting along behind them. (Then there were the folks who wouldn't shut up about flying cars, but they'd been around for so long that nobody paid attention to them anyhow.)

No one thought it would all turn out to be so... grey.

Everywhere you look, you'll spot something grey. The concrete grit and rubble where cities used to be. The ashy snowflakes that float their way down with the fallout. The glossy oil-blossoms, sprawled out across the water like lazy lilypads. The landscape's a little craggier, the air's a bit thicker... In other words, it's another normal day for those here in the Afterworld, a version of Earth where the Four Riders of the Apocalypse have already finished carrying out their most infamous of temp work assignments.

See, much to the Riders' surprise, the planet was still there when they were done; there just weren't any humans left. In fact, with humanity gone, the Afterworld was soon bustling with creatures who'd been hiding all along, from monsters under the bed to opera-singing vegetable gardens to unicorns (who, as it turns out, are really a bunch of jerks).

Once they realized they'd have to find new jobs, the Riders went their separate ways-- or at least, half of them did. War and Pestilence decided to give wedded bliss a try instead, and settled down in what was left of suburbia to start the most literal nuclear family the world had ever seen. Nobody's sure about the mechanics involved (nor has anyone had a strong enough stomach to ask), but before long, there was a new arrival to the Horsemann household: a squishy, irradiated bundle of joy named Amnio...